Airport Management

Letter from the Director

The future is here—and only innovative and agile organizations will succeed in the highly competitive and dynamic air transportation industry.

The Eastern Iowa Airport has been an integral part of the state’s aviation system since the first commercial flight departed in 1947. The airport evolved through the years using fiscally sound management and forward-thinking leadership.

With those foundational pieces in place, we embarked on the airport’s first comprehensive strategic plan. The objectives outlined in the plan are the most critical for ensuring continued organizational success. In fact, the complete transformation of the Donald J. Canney Terminal showcases the entrepreneurial spirit of ICR Iowa to our many visitors and guests.

The strategic plan is the blueprint for us to achieve new heights and increase our regional economic impact in ICR Iowa with a shared purpose, core values, and goals. Airport staff, commissioners, tenants, and community partners—all who understand the value and importance of The Eastern Iowa Airport—participated in creating this plan.

We cannot move forward alone. Community engagement and active regional partnerships are essential to fully achieve our shared mission of growing jobs in the ICR. Air travel enhances our quality of life, supports our business community, and propels local and regional economies.

Our full potential can only be realized through continued partnerships, sustained community engagement, and utilization of an invaluable regional economic asset—your airport.

Marty P. Lenss
Airport Director

Marty P. Lenss - Airport Director

Marty P. Lenss
Airport Director

Airport Management Team

Marty LenssAirport
Donald D. SwansonDirector of Finance &
Todd GibbsDirector of
Pam HinmanDirector of Marketing &
Kathy BellDeputy Director of Finance &



Strengthen financial position by increasing non-airline revenue, optimizing operational and maintenance expenses, and ensuring timely funding for existing and future capital improvement projects.


Ensure the safe and financially viable management and development of the Eastern Iowa Airport to the benefit of public and private stakeholders.


Enhance customer experience through friendly, informative, and helpful service.


Ensure the responsible management of environmental resources in all current and future projects to the benefit of the Eastern Iowa community and generations to come.


Create a safe and hassle-free travel experience for passengers, and a secure work environment for employees through compliance with Federal and local regulations and standards.

The FACES Award is The Eastern Iowa Airport’s employee recognition program. Each winner of the FACES Award will be an outstanding exemplar of these values, as recognized by staff, managers, passengers and people like you. If you had an outstanding experience with an airport employee, please fill out the form below to tell us about it.


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