Amenities & Services

Guest Services


Located in the main terminal waiting area near the restaurant/lounge.

Donald D. Swanson Executive Conference Room

Located pre-security, this conference room is available for rent for $25 an hour or $100 per day. Nonprofit groups may be able to use the room at no charge, depending on availability. The conference room can seat up to 20 people. It is fully equipped with free WiFi access, a large television monitor and speaker phone. To reserve the room, call the Information Center at 319.362.8336.

Disability Services

The terminal is handicap accessible. For people using wheelchairs, there are specially designed curbs, doors and elevators located at key locations. Elevators featuring Braille floor designations and raised control buttons assist the visually impaired. Service animals are permitted in the terminal. Airlines offer special escort/transportation services upon request, with wheelchair assistance provided from the curb to the airline gate. Customers can also have a Guest Services Associate paged to provide wheelchair assistance, along with luggage service and valet parking. To reserve Guest Services assistance call 319.398.7077.

Handicap Parking

Available in the short-term and long-term parking lots. A handicap hang tag or license must be displayed to use a handicap parking spot.

Cell Phone Waiting Lot

A FREE cell phone waiting lot is available for people picking up passengers. The lot is located near the Airport Administration building, prior to reaching the terminal.

Coat Check

Passengers who do not want to take their coats with them on their flight can check it at the information desk. To reserve this service, go to our coat check page. This is a credit-card only service and costs $10 per item.

Charging Stations

More than 60 seats along the C Concourse are equipped with AC outlets to recharge laptops and other electronic devices. The outlets are located underneath the seats in the upper concourse. There are also charging stations located at all pre-security lobby seating.

Emergency Services

For an emergency, call 911. Airport public safety officers are on duty to serve you. Call 319.731.5722 for non-emergency services.

Information Center

Located in the center of the terminal lobby, a Guest Services Associate can assist you in answering your questions about the airport or the region. Please contact the information center at 319.362.8336.


Free internet access is provided throughout the terminal, courtesy of the Cedar Rapids Airport Commission/The Eastern Iowa Airport. If you have any trouble accessing the internet service, please go to the Information Center in the terminal for assistance.

Lost and Found

If you have lost or found an item in the airport, contact the Information Center at 319.362.8336 or Airport Public Safety at 319.731.5722.

Mother’s Room

Located pre-security next to the women’s restroom in the main lobby of the terminal, this space is available for nursing mothers. There is a sink, counter and glider rocker in the room. You can obtain a key from the information desk in the center of the lobby.

Guest Services Associates

Available to assist passengers with luggage, wheelchair assistance, valet parking as well as other services. Guest Services Associates can be found in the terminal or by calling 319.398.7077.

Thanks Again

Thanks Again, The Eastern Iowa Airport (CID) and the growing network of more than 100 other airports have joined forces to say “Thank You” to the millions of customers who shop, park, and dine at an airport. Start earning today!

Gifts & Dining


Prairie Bistro & The Java House4:30 a.m. to last departure screened
Gift ShopSun – Fri, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Sat, 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.


Cedar Ridge Barrel RoomMon – Sat, 6 a.m. to last flight departs; Sun, 8 a.m. to last flight departs
Fly ZoneOpen Daily, 4:30 a.m. to 9 p.m.

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