Badging Guide for Authorized Signatures

The following information is a general overview of The Eastern Iowa Airport policies and procedures regarding issuance of Airport Identification Badges. It is a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) requirement that companies identify (in writing) individuals who have been authorized to sign badge request forms and authenticate supporting documentation for their employees. The information provided herein is not all-inclusive, but should be sufficient to assist you through the fingerprinting and badging process at CID.

Due to rapid changes in the airport security environment, these policies and procedures are subject to change without notice. Should you have any questions, please contact the Airport Public Safety department at 319.731.5722.



Badging Office Hours and Location

The badging office is located at the Public Safety Center. The building address is 3020 Lippisch Place SW, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52404. From the main entrance, take your first right on Lippisch Place. Proceed to the end and the building will be on your right. Proceed through both sets of doors. Please call to schedule a time before you arrive at the airport. If you arrive after normal business hours (8am to 5pm Monday through Friday), please call 319.731.5722.



Signatory Authority

Signatory Authority is granted to company representatives who are authorized to request fingerprinting and the issuance of CID identification badges for their employees. Signatory authority holders are company supervisory personnel who are entrusted to verify employment background and work authorization documents. The number of signatory authority holders for each company varies, but is limited to a maximum of four (4) per company. Requests to amend signatory authority must be made in writing by company management on company letterhead.

Prior to becoming a signatory authority holder, the applicant must submit to, and successfully complete, a criminal history records check (CHRC) and security threat assessment (STA). Signatory authority holders also must complete the CID SIDA Training and Signatory Authority Training (see below). A file is maintained by the airport to verify signatures of the authorized signatory holders on all submitted badging applications.

Signatory Authority Training

Individuals designated as authorized signatories must receive initial authorized signatory training, as well as annual recurrent training. Training also requires the annual submission of written authorization from company management. The authorization must be on company letterhead and signed by company management.

Signatory Authority Responsibilities

  • Notify Public Safety immediately of lost badges or changes in employee employment status
  • Ensure accuracy and completeness of employee applications
  • Follow up on application problems that may arise
  • Provide timely response to airport badge audits
  • Verify all employment documents match the applicant and are not fraudulent
  • Request the level of access and driving authority needed for each employee

An authorized signatory must be familiar with:

  • Airport policies regarding the badging process and required appointments
  • Badging forms
  • AOA, SIDA, escort, and driver’s training requirements
  • Acceptable forms of identification and work authorization (list of acceptable documents – Attachment A)
  • Pertinent airport security information



Badging Fees

The following rates have been established for the issuance of security identification badges as may be amended by the Rules and Regulation Attachment A.

  •  Badging Fee $50.00
  • 1st Lost Badge Fee $50.00
  • 2nd Lost Badge Fee $75.00
  • 3rd Lost Badge Fee $100.00

All fees are payable by cash or check only prior to fingerprinting, unless other arrangements are in writing with the airport finance department.



Fingerprinting and Criminal History Records Check

Fingerprinting is performed and processed according to the provisions of the Transportation Security Regulation, Part 1542.209, and is necessary to obtain a CHRC for all applications. Fingerprinting is available by appointment only. The applicant must arrive with a completed “Fingerprint application” along with the authorizing signature, a signed copy of the Privacy Act Notice and a government issued photo ID and work authorization documentation (refer to list of acceptable documents – Attachment A). The fingerprinting process will not be initiated unless the identity of the applicant is confirmed by reviewing the documents presented.

Fingerprinting is processed electronically. The applicant will be required to wash his/her hands prior to taking the fingerprints. All results will be forwarded directly to the Public Safety badging office.



Security Threat Assessment

In addition to a CHRC, information provided on the badge application will be sent to the TSA in order to complete an STA. Applicants will not be allowed to attend SIDA training until the Public Safety Department has received confirmation that the application has successfully completed and passed both the CHRC and STA processes. Employers can verify the status of an applicant’s CHRC and STA by calling the Airport Public Safety Department at 319.731.5722.



New Badges

Badges authorizing unescorted access authority to the SIDA or Sterile area are only issued at the request of the company’s authorized signatory, and only for those individuals who have an operational need to access a restricted area. The airport has sole discretion to grant/deny unescorted access authority to any individual or restricted area. Badges granting unescorted access to the SIDA and Sterile area will only be issued upon the successful completion of a CHRC and STA.



SIDA Training

SIDA training is required under TSR 1542.213 for all individuals who have unescorted access to authority to the SIDA. The training conducted at the Public Safety Building every Wednesday at 4:00 PM and Thursday at 10:00 AM (badging times and availability are subject to change).  The class consists of a PowerPoint presentation and a written test. Individuals are encouraged to ask questions during training to clarify any information they do not understand.



Customer Service Training

Customer service training is required for badge employees in the terminal. Customer service training is conducted every Wednesday at 3:30 PM or Thursday at 9:30 AM at the Public Safety Building. Customer Service training must be completed before a badge will be granted. Please contact Rick Fangman at the information desk for more information or questions: or 319.362.8336.



Drivers Training – Non-Movement Area

Individuals who are authorized by their company to drive on the non-movement area (perimeter roads and aircraft parking ramps) must undergo CID non-movement area driver’s training in addition to driver’s training provided by their company. The individual must present a valid state-issued driver’s license before the training will be provided. Upon completion of the training, the individual must successfully complete a test with a score of 100%. Individuals who do not pass the test will not be granted driving privileges and will be required to re-test. The airport has sole discretion for the decision to grant/deny airside driving privileges.



Drivers Training – Movement Area

Movement area authorization is restricted to airport, FAA, and selected contract personnel with a demonstrated operational need for unescorted access to the movement area. Movement area training consists of a written exam and comprehensive practical test. All applicants must receive a score of 100% to successfully pass movement area driver’s training. Those individuals who do not receive a passing grade will not be granted movement area driving privileges. Please contact the Public Safety department for more information.



Badge Renewal

Badge renewal is conducted during normal badge security training times. All badges shall be renewed during the month of expiration. Badges are set to expire the last day of the badge holder’s hire month. An updated badge application must be completed, and a government issued photo ID and work authorization (See list of acceptable documents – Attachment A) are required for renewal.



Expired Badges

Any badge that has not been renewed prior to the end of the month of expiration is automatically deactivated by the access control system. An expired badge no longer authorizes an individual unescorted access authority to the SIDA, AOA, or Sterile Area. Expired badges must be returned to the Public Safety Department.

Individuals with SIDA or Sterile access whose badge has been expired for more than 30 days are required to submit to a new fingerprint-based CHRC and STA. Companies are encouraged to routinely review employee badge expiration dates and process badge renewals in a timely fashion.



Lost Badges

Lost badges must be reported to the Public Safety department immediately. Lost or stolen badges can be reported by calling the Captain on duty at 319.360.1025. Lost, stolen, or unaccounted for badges will incur a lost fee of $70 prior to issuance of the first replacement badge. The second replacement badge is $70 and no badges will be reissued after the third lost badge. A new badge application must be fully completed and a letter stating the badge was lost must be received prior to the issuance of a replacement badge.



Separation of Employment – Change in Access Authority

Authorized signatories must immediately notify the Public Safety Department of any change in an employee’s employment status and access needs. Badges of employees no longer employed, or no longer needing access to the SIDA, AOA, or Sterile Area, must be returned to the Public Safety Department as soon as possible. Every attempt must be made to immediately collect the badge after change in employment.



CID Issued Keys

CID maintains a lock and key system for some terminal doors and some perimeter access gates. Please contact the Public Safety Department at 319.731.5722 for additional information.


The Public Safety Department periodically conducts audits of airport issued identifications badges and access control media. These audits require the participation of companies to be accurate. When asked to participate in a badge audit, it is important to return documents in a timely manner for completion of the audit.



SIDA Badges

In compliance with 49 CFR, Part 1542, all employees must have the proper security and identification credentials to work on airport properties.

To begin the badge application process, download and complete the SIDA Application, and contact the Public Safety Department to schedule a fingerprint appointment. Drop-in appointments are not allowed. Please call Public Safety to schedule your appointment.

After a Criminal History Records Check (CHRC) and a Security Threat Assessment (STA) have been completed, badge applicants will be allowed to attend Security and Driver’s training. Class times are listed above under SIDA training, and advance registration is required.



General Aviation (AOA) Badges

General aviation users requiring regular access to the Airport Operations Area (AOA) must have a CID-issued AOA badge. To begin the badge application process, download and complete the AOA Application and bring in two forms identification to the Public Safety Department office. This will be used to complete a Security Threat Assessment (STA). The results may take a few business days to return and once the Public Safety Department has received the results they will notify you. At this time you will be able to take the SIDA class (times listed above under SIDA Training). Advance registration is required. Please call the Public Safety department to register for these classes.

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