Construction Project Updates


The airport is presently in the midst of Phase 3 of a four phase terminal modernization project. Phase 3 is the single largest project in it’s history – a $30.8 million, 54,000 square feet expansion. Phase 3 picks up where Phase 2 ended, right around the security checkpoint. All work done in this phase is post security. Construction on this portion of the project is expected to be complete in summer 2019.


Sept. 11, 2018 – The new Gate 2 will open in the near future, followed by the opening of Gate 3. When Phase 3 is complete, it will all be one concourse: Gates 1 – 9. We will no longer use the “Concourse B and C.”

Until then, it will be Gates 2 and 3 AND Gates C1- C6. A temporary corridor will be used to access C1-C6.

In addition to the terminal construction, work continues on improvements to the terminal drive and the parking lots. Parking in short-term will be extremely limited throughout this project. The terminal entry way and parking lot is expected to be complete by mid-October.

Here you can see the stairs, escalator and where the elevator will be installed to go up to the new concourse.

Gate 2 is scheduled to open for use at the end of September.

This will part of the new hold room area.

The window has been installed into the oculus (skylight).

This photo, taken Aug. 28, gives you an idea of how open the new area will be.

Another photo taken Aug. 28 shows more progress being made.

This provides a view of the overall floor plan for Phase III.

Outdoor patio that will be post-security.


These photos show work done in Phase II, which involved the area pre-security.

New baggage claim and rental car area

New ticket counter area

Everybody loves an upgrade and this is going to be a great upgrade to CID!

Phase 1 of the Terminal Modernization Project at The Eastern Iowa Airport completed at the beginning of 2015 with a new facade to the terminal and weather protection/enclosure added to the covered walk in the parking lot.

Phase 2 of the project was completed in December 2016 and updated the interior space bringing in natural lighting, natural finishes, improved energy efficiency, and a modern look and feel.


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