Iowa Open Records Law Request

How to Request Public Records

A request (“Request”) to inspect public records of the Commission shall be made to the Commission’s Public Information Officer (“PIO”) who shall be deemed the custodian of the Commission’s records for purposes of this Page. Each Request shall contain sufficient detail to enable the PIO to ascertain the documents sought, and may be submitted on forms furnished by the Commission, which may be delivered, mailed, e-mailed, submitted by form digitally or sent via facsimile. The Commission will receive Requests during normal business hours, designated as 8:00 A.M. – 4:30 P.M., Monday – Friday, except holidays.

Requests for access to public records will be made a priority in the Airport’s work activities. Absent unusual circumstances access should be provided within ten (10) working days. The PIO shall reply to each Request. The reply will set forth the conditions by which access to examine and copy the Commission’s public records may be had, specifying a reasonable period of time during which the record will be available for examination and copying, and in some circumstances stating the estimated costs of providing access. The Airport shall recover the costs to provide access to public records as provided for by applicable law. Costs may include copying, programming, research and retrieval time as well as the costs of supervising the examination. The Commission shall adopt a cost schedule for various activities and may update such schedule from time to time. The schedule may provide that in certain circumstances the requestor will be required to make an advance payment to cover all or a part of the estimated cost to provide the records. Permission to inspect requested records may be denied for any lawful reason, including without limitation that such records are not in the possession of the Commission; or that such records are not deemed “public or open records” or may be withheld from examination and copying as provided for in applicable federal, state, or local law.

If the PIO denies access to inspect documents, the reason(s) therefore will be set forth in the PIO’s reply to the Request


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