The Eastern Iowa Airport cooperates with all media representatives to make available timely, accurate, and comprehensive information. The airport makes every effort to work within media deadlines. All media inquiries related to The Eastern Iowa Airport should be directed to the Marketing and Communications Department.


Pam Hinman
Director of Marketing and Communications
Office: 319.731.5719
Cell: 319.551.1490

Access to Public Areas

The airport’s passenger terminal is a public facility. Media may film or photograph publicly accessible areas. As a courtesy, airport officials ask news organizations to notify Director of Marketing and Communications Pam Hinman at 319.731.5719 when a news crew/photographer is sent to film at the airport so that Public Safety can be notified.

The media is required to display press identification when conducting interviews, filming, or taking still photos at the airport. The media may not leave equipment unattended or stage equipment or personnel in a manner that will block or restrict movement through major pathways, emergency escape routes, or emergency exits. No filming or conducting of interviews will be permitted to interfere with airport or airline operations.

Please note: Security restrictions are critical to airport safety and will take top priority in every instance. Unauthorized access to a restricted area of the airport will result in arrest and/or denial of future access.

Parking & Live Shots

Media personnel may park marked media vehicles in the cul-de-sac on the west end of terminal with prior permission. If space is not available, media personnel should park in the public parking lots. Personal vehicles must always be parked in the public parking lots.

Prior permission must be obtained from an authorized airport representative for parking in locations other than public parking lots. Without prior permission, vehicles may be ticketed and/or towed.

Airfield Access

Airfield access is strictly controlled. Requests for access will be accommodated to the extent staffing and operational consideration permit. Prior notification is essential to ensure adequate staffing exists to perform escort duties. In the event of an emergency situation or other event that requires the full attention of the airport staff, a prearranged escort may be cancelled, with or without notice. To arrange airfield access, please contact Pam Hinman, Director of Marketing and Communication at 319.731.5719 or via e-mail at


The Eastern Iowa Airport classifies emergencies into three categories:

  • Alert 1: Pilot reported potential problem. Precautionary standby.
  • Alert 2: Indicates a potential accident with an aircraft. Mutual aid fire and medical/police responses involved.
  • Alert 3: Indicates an aircraft has crashed on or near the airport. Full mutual aid fire and medical/police response requested.

It is the policy of the airport to cooperate with the media to the greatest extent possible. However, our primary responsibilities are safe, secure, and orderly airport operations. The airport reserves the right to restrict media activity at any location on airport premises if there are public safety or operational concerns.


Terminal Advertising:

Advertising in the terminal is managed by Clear Channel Communications. Click here for information on available advertising opportunities.

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