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Terminal Modernization Project starts. Check out some tips to be prepared when you arrive.

Everybody loves an upgrade and this is going to be a great upgrade to CID!
Everybody loves an upgrade and this is going to be a great upgrade to CID!

Starting June 30, 2014, we will begin Phase 1 of the Terminal Modernization Project at The Eastern Iowa Airport. This will occur in several stages and will consist of replacing the existing canopy on the front of the terminal, adding weather protection to the covered walk in the parking lot, and doing repair work to our parking lots.

The project will greatly limit space in front of  the terminal, including temporarily eliminating two of the four lanes of the road in front of the building.

We are recommending that passengers arrive at least 1 1/2 to 2 hours early for flights, especially in the early morning, lunch time, and early evening when congestion is at its peak.


Picking up passengers

Guests picking up passengers will not be able to wait in front of the terminal for passengers to arrive. If you are picking up passengers, please use the Cell Phone Wait lot (located on the terminal drive before the terminal) and wait until you know the passenger(s) are ready to leave.


Dropping off passengers

Dropping someone off for a flight, consider using the short term parking lot. The first 20 minutes are free and they can be dropped right at the door to take them into the terminal.


Parking at the Airport

On approximately September 1, 2014, we will be replacing our short term parking lot in stages, so fewer spaces will be available at a given time during this phase of the project. Please follow signage in the parking lot as we will let the public know where they can and cannot park during specific times of the project.

We will also be doing preventative maintenance and repairs to various sections of the parking lot between September 1 and November 1, 2014. Please follow signs and barricades.


Our Public Safety will be increasing its presence during this construction phase to help with the flow of traffic. We appreciate your patience and know the brief inconvenience will be well worth it!

Jet Bridge Replacement

If you are flying out, you might notice our new Jet Bridges. We are replacing 5 of our 6 jet bridges and updating our 6th Jet Bridge throughout the summer. This means that as the Jet Bridges arrive in Cedar Rapids, we will be down one bridge for one week at a time. We are doing our best to work with the airlines to minimize disruption to schedules and inconveniences to passengers.