Parking Rates

Parking at The Eastern Iowa Airport (CID) is easy and convenient. There are two lots: Short-term and Long-term; however there is no specific time limit for either lot. Short-term parking spots are closer to the terminal entrance and cost $12 per day. Long-term parking spots are farther from the terminal entrance and cost $7 per day. If you are planning to leave your vehicle in the lot more than 30 days, please call Republic Parking at 319.363.2704.

Credit and debit cards are acceptable forms of payment.

We now have a new option available that will let you “Fly Through Parking.” Customers are able to enter the parking lot with a credit card (eliminating the need to take a ticket) and then use the same credit card to exit the parking lot, streamlining the process.


Short-term Lot

Long-term Lot

0-20 minutes


Short-term lot: Free


Long-term lot: Free

21-30 minutes


Short-term lot: $2


Long-term lot: $2

31-60 minutes


Short-term lot: $3


Long-term lot: $3

Each additional 30 minutes


Short-term lot: $1


Long-term lot: $1





Valet Parking

Skycaps offer valet parking for departures and return. For departure-only service, pull up to the booth in the front of the terminal or call 319.398.7077 ahead of your arrival. The Skycap will return your keys before you board your flight and give you a map indicating where your car is parked.

When you land, you can retrieve your car yourself or request to have a Skycap retrieve your vehicle. The cost for valet parking is $5 to park the car and $5 to retrieve it. This cost is in addition to parking lot costs.

Emergency Auto Service

Skycaps provide the following emergency services:

  • Jump-starting vehicles
  • Putting air in tires

For more information, contact the Skycaps at 319.398.7077.

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