Iowa’s Creative Corridor – The Cedar Rapids Airport Commission has approved an agreement with the rideshare company Uber to operate at The Eastern Iowa Airport.

The Commission approved the one-year agreement at its Monday meeting.

Under the airport rules, Uber will pay the Commission a one-time $1,000 permit fee to operate at the airport. Any approved Transportation Network Company (TNC) operating at the airport is required to use an app-based service that implements geo-fencing or a virtual boundary around the airport. The TNC will pay the Commission a $2 per pick-up fee, paid monthly. This pick-up fee amount is consistent with what other airports of similar size have implemented.

Drivers are prohibited from loitering on airport property and must wait outside the geo-fence until they have arranged a customer pick-up. Drivers will pick up passengers in a designated area on the east side of the terminal in the Ground Transportation area.

This is the commission’s second agreement with a TNC. An agreement with Lyft was approved in February.


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